About Pre-K

Welcome to Pre-K!

New Mexico Pre-K is a voluntary program funded by the State of New Mexico where children learn skills they need to be successful when they go to kindergarten. Teachers carefully plan activities based on what children need to learn in seven areas:

1. Literacy ( Listening, language, reading and writing.)

2. Science

3. Numeracy (Counting, shapes, sorting and measuring)

4. Physical Development, Health and Well-being (Coordination, hygiene, health and well-being.)

5.  Aesthetic Creativity (Art, Music and Movement.)

6. Approaches to learning (Independence, problem solving, thinking and perseverance.)

7.  Self, Family and Community (Social Skills: Appropriate Behavior , being part of a group.)

What you can expect in Pre-K?

Children Play to Learn!

Pre-K children are active and busy and learn best through play.

Teachers carefully arrange their rooms and plan activities that provide children with the opportunity to do lots of different things.  You will see areas for:

  • Building with blocks
  • Reading
  • Working with puzzles
  • Writing
  • Outdoor Climbing
  • Dramatic Play
  • Scientific investigations and Whole group “Meeting Area”

Teachers plan activities for these areas that encourages children to:

  • Explore
  • Make decisions
  • Problem solving
  • Expand their vocabulary and get excited about learning.

Pre-K teachers believe that parents, grandparents and other adults in the family are children’s most important teachers. We invite parents to be be partners in preparing their child for school. In order to establish this partnership, you can expect pre-K teachers to:

  • Perform a developmental screening to make sure your child is learning and growing as expected.
  • Invite you to a Pre-K Orientation night to introduce themselves and talk about the program.
  • Do a home visit at the beginning of the school year to get to know your child.
  • Schedule parent meeting with you to review your child’s progress and share ways that you can support your child’s learning at home.
  • Send notes, newsletters and Calendars home so that you know what’s going on.
  • Provide you with a parent handbook so that you know the program’s policies and procedures.
  • Provide you with resources within the community that may help you if there are developmental concerns with your child.
  • Provide you with information on where you can access dental, health and other services you, your child or family might need.
  •   All Pre-K programs provide children with a free nutritious meal–either breakfast or lunch. Meal times is a perfect learning opportunity and teachers use meal time to teach a variety of skills and reinforce healthy habits like good manners, hand washing and brushing teeth.

Pre-K works! parents are always telling us how thankful they are for the program because they have seen how it has benefited their child.