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Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate the online learning. I am hoping the children are enjoying their time online with us as well as the activities sent home. I am looking forward to the day we can meet with them here in the classroom SAFELY in person as a class.

Along with this newsletter, you will find this week’s packets. Please note that some items will need to be returned for assessment purposes, you will find a list of those items below. Also attached to this newsletter you will find the class activation codes and directions for our scholastic magazines along with the class code to order books if you wish to do so.

This week our class will wrap up theme 1, we will read stories about the things we do at school, our topic this week is “Our Happy Classroom Our read-aloud this week is a tale from Africa titled “The Big Mouth Frog.” And our big book this week is titled “The Great Shape Hunt”

 You can help your child learn more by talking with them about the things that they are doing in school. Here are some ways that you can work with your child at home.

ASK? What did you read today? What was the story about? What shapes did you learn about? Do you see those shapes here in our home? Where? Can you name them?

                                             Looking Ahead:

September 25, 2020- ASQ Assessments, (Final schedule to be sent out next week)

WHAT: Final Schedule for ASQ screenings:

New Mexico Pre-k funded programs are required to screen all children in the following areas:

  • Developmental – (Cognitive, Fine & Gross motor, Language)
  • Social Emotional
  • Vision
  • Please make note that due to COVID19 Hearing , vision and dental must be done independently.

WHEN: Friday SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

WHERE: McCurdy Preschool classroom.

8:30: Noah UnZueta

9:00: Adrian, Linda

9:30: Khayden & Aubree

10:00: Zayden & Anika

10:30: Diego

11:00:   Noah M & David M

12:00  Dylan

                                               Home Activities:

Monday Activity:

Journal entry #1: During my first week of Preschool &  Shape-O-Pic Activity

Tuesday Activity: Mr. Leaf & Feelings Weekly reader Magazine

Wednesday Activity: Scarecrow activity

Thursday Activity: Journal entry #2.

“Our Class pet” & September Activity

Friday Activity: 1.Pete’s Shoes & Name Trace

Items to be returned to the classroom when you pick up next week Packets: Name Trace. Pete’s shoes. Journals Orange folders

                                         Thank-You***Muchas Gracias!!!

Thank you to families who have returned all necessary work back to the classroom on time, and to the families who have donated extra supplies to our classroom Your Kindness and generosity is very much appreciated!

                                         Safe Sanctuary Training:

Please remember that prior to participating in the class with the children, this training must be complete. the Safe Sanctuary link can be found on the McCurdy Ministry homepage. 


Packet pick up, every Friday between 1:00-3:00pm at McCurdy preschool.

 Meal pick up every Monday Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00-10:30am in front of Pre-K

On inclement weather days, if a 2 hr. delay is called for McCurdy Charter School, then there will be a 2 hour delay for Pre-K.

 Be sure your child’s name is clearly labeled on each item. Please have your child write their own name. Even if with the assistance of tracing dots.

  The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher.”  

  Former First Lady of The United states Barbara Bush