Pre-K News

Dear Families,

Thank you to the parents who have corresponded quickly to the assigned items for our parent event, scheduled to take place on Thursday December 21, 2017 at the Cole Adult Education Building Community Room (Old High School Library where orientation took place.) at 9:00am. Please have your child there no later than 8:45am that morning. This will allow them to get comfortable and prepare for program. Please remember that all food items should already be cooked and ready to serve on morning of program. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Attached to this newsletter you will find a copy tonight’s homework.

This week our class will wrap up our Four Season theme using the topic “Seasons Change.” We will read stories about how the weather changes through the year. Our read-aloud this week is a tale from AESOP titled “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” Ask your child to tell you what happens to the Grasshopper in the winter who only wanted to dance and play during the summer?

You can help your child learn more by talking with them about the things that they are doing in school. ASK? What did you read today? What was the story about?



                                                             Home Activities:

Homework week of December 11, 2017

Monday – Willie Worm activity

Tuesday– Weather activity

Wednesday- Letter Ww practice

Thursday – None: Have a great weekend

                                                         Thank-You***Muchas Gracias!!!

Thank you to Gerald, Sydney, Devani, Kianna and their families for providing afternoon snack for the children this week. The children love setting out the snacks for their friends.


                                                              Looking Ahead!

December 21, 2017– Second Parent Event.

December 21-Jan 5, 2018- Winter Break.

January 15, 2018- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday


  • In case of inclement weather, please listen to KDCE or Channel 4 news for delays and closures. If a 2 hour delay is called for Charter School, then there will be NO PreK classes that day.
  • All parents/Visitors MUST check in at the McCurdy Ministry Office with Eufemia Romero before visiting the classroom. Thank You for your cooperation.
  • If your child is absent, a written excuse must be provided to the school upon their arrival.
  • If you arrive later than 8:20 am you will be considered 30 min tardy and be required to obtain a tardy slip from Ms. Eufemia at the McCurdy Ministry Office.
  • Please be mindful that your clock is set to the same time as the clock by the sign-in log.
  • On Days of inclement weather, if a 2 Hour delay is called for McCurdy Charter School, then there will be NO Pre-K or Pre-School that day.


                                                     Safe Sanctuary Training:

Please remember that prior to participating in the classroom with the children, this training must be complete. The Safe Sanctuary link can be found on the McCurdy Ministry home page. So far  5 parents have completed this training.