Pre-K News

Dear Families,




                                                Thank-You***Muchas Gracias!!!



                                                              Looking Ahead!




On Days of inclement weather, if a 2 Hour delay is called for McCurdy Charter School, then there will be NO Pre-K or Pre-School that day.

All parents/Visitors MUST check in at the McCurdy Ministry Office with Eufemia Romero before visiting the classroom. Thank You for your cooperation.

If your child is absent, a written excuse must be provided to the school upon their arrival.

If you arrive later than 8:15 am you will be considered tardy and be required to obtain a tardy slip from Ms. Eufemia at the McCurdy Ministry Office.

Please be mindful that your clock is set to the clock in the main room at the sign-in log.

                                                     Safe Sanctuary Training:

Remember that prior to participating or volunteering in the classroom around the children this training must be complete. The safe Sanctuary link can be found on the McCurdy Ministry home page.