Pre-K News

Welcome back to the classroom and Thank you for your patience as we handled last week’s surprise.

 What a way to start the New Year!

Along with this newsletter you will find tonight’s home activity.

Our letter study this week will focus on the letter “Mm” for Mimi Mouse.                

This week our class will continue with the “Construction Zone” theme. This week we will learn about solving problems. Our topic this week is

”Build with Me.We will read stories about building things and learning to solve problems. Our read-aloud this week is a tale from Japan titled “The Builder and the Oni.” Ask your child to tell you what the Oni’s name was..

You can help your child learn more by talking with them about the things that they are doing in school, and the new letters, words, and numbers they have learned.

 ASK? What did you read today? What was the problem in the story?  How was it solved?

Home Activities:

Activities for the week of  January 10, 2022

Monday Night Activity: Letter “Mm” Practice

Tuesday Night Activity: M & M math activity

Wednesday Night Activity: Math/ Measure activity

Thursday Night Activity: Letter “Mm” Show-N-Tell

Friday– None-Have a great weekend!

Stay Safe !


       Looking Ahead:

January 17, 2022- No School/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

February11, 2022– 2nd Parent Teacher Conference

February21, 2022 No School/ Presidents Day Holiday

  1.   Thank-You***Muchas Gracias!!! 

Thank you to all the families who continue to send extra school supplies and treasure box items.

Your Kindness and generosity is very much appreciated


  • If your child is absent, a written or electronic excuse must be provided to the school upon their arrival.
  •  If you arrive later than 8:20 am you will be considered 30 min tardy and be required to obtain a tardy slip from Ms. Eufemia at the McCurdy Ministry Office.
  • On inclement weather days, if a 2 hr. delay is called for McCurdy Charter School, then there will be a 2 hour delay for Pre-K as well unless it is a Friday, then Pre-K is cancelled.
  • Furthermore if school is cancelled at the Charter for weather reasons, we will cancel as well.  Inclement weather days will be announced on your local TV stations KOB 4, KOAT 7, and KRQE 13                                   


  The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher.”  

  Former First Lady of The United states Barbara Bush