Pre-K News:

This Wednesday our class will have their second Fire Drill. The children will learn a second exit to our safe place. I am confident that they will all do very well. We will have our first shelter-in-place drill next week. Along with this newsletter, you will receive this week’s homework packet.

Please remember that this Thursday and Friday there will be NO SCHOOL we have our ASQ, and ASQ SE Assessments scheduled. Please bring your child at their scheduled time. If you have misplaced your schedule there is a copy at the sign-in desk for reference.


With the days getting shorter, the morning temperatures getting colder, and the leaves beginning to change color we will be visiting the theme of FALL this week. During the week we will become more aware of changes that take place in the fall and will discuss the clothing, activities, changes, and fall holidays this week. We will also learn new songs, poems, and rhymes. “You can help your child learn more by talking with them about the things that they are doing in school, and the new letters, words, and numbers they have learned. ASK? What did you read today? What is fall or autumn? What are some things that happen during the fall/Autumn? What would you like to do this Fall/Autumn?

Home Activities:

Home activities for the week of September 26, 2022

Tracing activities: Please be mindful of how your child is holding their writing tool.

Monday Night Activity: Forward circles

Tuesday Night Activity: Curved lines big “U” 

Wednesday Night Activity: Curved Lines left to right

 The 4th page may be completed any of the evenings. Tracing packets may be returned when children come in for ASQ, Assessments. Please let them write their own name as best as possible. (Add tracing dots if necessary)

Thursday Night Activity: None

Friday:  None,  have a great weekend! Stay Safe 


       Looking Ahead:

 September 29-30ASQ-ASQ SE Assessments/ No school.

November 11, 2022– Veterans Day/ No School

November 21 & 22, 2022-1st Parent Teacher Conferences

November 23-25th– Thanksgiving Break

December 6, 2022– 2nd Parent event

December 19-30,2022-Winter Break 

Thank You*Mucha Gracias!!! 

Thank you to all the families who sent extra school supplies and treasure box items.  Also THANK YOU to Angelina Dominguez and her family for sharing the delicious birthday cupcakes with our class. Your Kindness and generosity are very much appreciated



  • If your child is absent, a written or electronic excuse must be provided to the school upon their arrival.
  •  If you arrive later than 8:30 am you will be considered 30 min tardy and be required to obtain a tardy slip from Ms. Eufemia at the McCurdy Ministry Office.
  • On inclement weather days, if a 2 hr. delay is called for McCurdy Charter School, then there will be a 2-hour delay for Pre-K as well unless it is a Friday, then Pre-K is canceled.
  • Furthermore, if school is canceled at the Charter for weather reasons, we will cancel as well.  Inclement weather days will be announced on your local TV stations KOB 4, KOAT 7, and KRQE 13                                   


  The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher.”  

  Former First Lady of The United states Barbara Bush