Kid’s Korner


Helping Hands for the week of November 4, 2019

Line Leader: Alexis

Calendar: Jenna

Trash Person: Jonah

Table Cleaner: J.J.

Snack Person: Aron

Plant Person: Juniper

Books: Laurel

Weather Person: Lucas

Pet Person:

Board Eraser: Cassian

Flag Holders: Gilbert & Tailynn 

Bell Ringer: Melianna

Attendance Card person: Analee

Bracelets : Mario

Substitute:  Xander & Angel

Messenger/ News: Amy

Caboose: Peyton

Playground Helpers : Brooke &  Ezra

                                  HOME ACTIVITIES FOR THE WEEK OF

                                                       November 11, 2019

Monday Night– No School

Tuesday Night- My Nature Walk activity

Wednesday Night – Mr. X-Ray activity

Thursday Night- 5 senses bag

Friday– None-Have a great weekend with family and friends!