Kid’s Corner

Monday Activity:

  1. Ozzy Octopus
  2.  Orange Color book
  3.  Making of crayons

Tuesday Activity:

  1. Hearing
  2. Hooray for Veterans
  3. Letter “Oo” search
  4. ABC book letter “Oo”

Wednesday Activity:

  1. No School

Thursday Activity:

  1. Smelling
  2. Listening Walk/ Journals
  3. My big world/ What goes crunch in the Autumn
  4. Ovals and Owls

Friday Activity:

  1. No School 1st PTC Conferences

Items to be returned to the classroom when you pick up next week Packets:

1. Ozzy Octopus letter “Oo” search

2. Smelling and Hearing activities

3. Journals

4. Orange Folders