Kid’s Corner!!!!!!

Helping Hands for the week of September 26, 2022

Line Leader-Logan

Calendar Person- Angelina

Bell Ringer-Zoey

Flag Holders- Risa and Mateo

Weather Person-Leaira

Board Eraser- Prince

Plant Person- Camilla

Pet Person- Luis

Caboose & Electrician- Genesis

Trash person-Aaron

Apples & bracelets-Madilynn

Table Cleaner- Barry

Substitute- Arayah

Attendance Cards-Jameson

Book Person- Emilia

Messenger- Thomas

Playground Helper- Aubrie


            HOME ACTIVITIES:

Home activities for the week of September 26, 2022

Tracing activities: Please be mindful of how your child is holding their writing tool.

Monday Night Activity: Forward circles

Tuesday Night Activity: Curved lines big “U”

Wednesday Night Activity: Curved Lines left to right

 The 4th page may be completed any of the evenings. Tracing packets may be returned when children come in for ASQ, Assessments. Please let them write their own name as best as possible. (Add tracing dots if necessary)

Thursday Night Activity: None

Friday:  NoneJ have a great weekend! Stay Safe