Kid’s Corner!!!!!!

Helping Hands for the week of August 2024

Line Leader-

Calendar Person-

Bell Ringer-

Flag Holders-

Weather Person-

Board Eraser-

Plant Person-

Pet Person-

Caboose & Electrician-

Trash person-

Apples and Bracelets-

Table Cleaner-


Attendance Cards-

Book Person-


Playground Helpers-

  HOME ACTIVITIES for the week of August, 2024

Please remember that we welcome parents and grandparents willing to come in and share an activity from your family’s cultural sheet. You may also go into the classroom, read a story to the children, and do a seasonal activity. Just let us know beforehand so we can make the proper accommodations. Thank you

Parents and grandparents, please allow your child to do their work, if I don’t see their work, I cannot help them improve. Have them write their names and do their cutting… I am not looking for perfection, I need them to practice. If they cannot write their name, begin by putting dots for them to trace, or show them on another paper and let them copy you. I appreciate your cooperation.