Kid’s Corner!!!!!!

This week our class will wrap up theme 1. We will read stories about the things we do at school, our topic this week is “Our Happy Classroom,”

 Our read-aloud this week is a tale from Africa titled “The Big Mouth Frog.”

 You can help your child learn more by talking with them about the things that they are doing in school, and the new letters, words, and numbers they have learned.

 ASK? What did you read today? What was the story about? What shapes did you learn about? Do you see those shapes in our home? Where? Can you name them?

            HOME ACTIVITIES:

HOME ACTIVITIES for the week of September 20, 2021

Monday Night Activity- September Activity

Tuesday Night- Cutting Practice.

Wednesday Night Activity –Buggy about Bugs!

Thursday Night Activity– Tell your family about your favorite activity at school this week.

Friday– None-Have a great weekend!  Stay Safe