Kid’s Corner

HOME ACTIVITIES for the week of January 25-29, 2021

Monday Activity:

  1. Measuring Activity
  2. Workers and Tools activity

Tuesday Activity:

  1. Mouse Activity
  2.  Letter Mm in ABC Book

Wednesday Activity:

  1. Letter Mm Search
  2. Letter Mm Practice

Thursday Activity:

  1. Monkey Activity
  2. M & M Math Activity
  3. In Class Activity: Journals

Friday Activity:

  1. Create your own Muffin
  2. Book: If you Give a mouse a muffin… Complete by filling in what you think he would do.
  3. Letter Mm Show-N-Tell: In class activity

Items to be returned to the classroom when you pick up next week Packets:

  1.  Orange folders if you still have them
  2. Letter Mm search
  3. Letter Mm practice
  4. Measuring activity
  5.  Workers and Tools
  6. M& M math graphing activity
  7. Journals