Kid’s Korner


Helping Hands for the week of March  27, 2017

Line Leader: Jeziah

Calendar: Colten

Trash Person:Eithan

Table Cleaner :Saul

Plant Person: Justine

Books: Evelyn

Weather Person: Christopher

Pet Person:  Dominic R

Board Eraser:Aubrey

Flag Holders: Lorenzo & Jacob & Ania

Bell Ringer: Ania

Attendance Card person: Lucas

Substitutes: William, Ricco Dominic C

Messenger : MelakyeAzaylee

Caboose: Azaylee

Playground Helpers: Noah & Zoe


Homework week of March 27, 2017

Monday- Practice skipping

Tuesday- Practice putting on your shoes and tying shoes.

Wednesday– Get plenty of rest for tomorrows trip