McCurdy Schools of Northern NM Pre-K is a program of McCurdy Schools of Northern NM. It is located at 362A South McCurdy Road, in Espanola New Mexico. It is located in the west wing of Pilling Hall on the north side of campus. We are licensed through the Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD) and hold a Star 4 license and follow all State law requirements and all that it entails.

Our goal is to provide children with a feeling of belonging, love, and respect, Self-confidence, consideration of others, the ability to solve problems, and the opportunity to express individualism as well as take part in group activities.

We want our students to develop a positive feelings about themselves, their family school, and their community.
Our program aims at providing our students the opportunity to experience many successes, pursue his/her own interest, and develop as a unique individuals at his /her own rate and in their own way.

Contact us :

(505) 753-7221

Ms. Sandra Trujillo, Administrator/Site Director & Head Teacher ext 253

Ms. Randall Partin, Business Manager ext 264