Supply List 2024-2025

                    McCurdy Schools of Northern New Mexico

                                2024-2025 School Year

                                       Pre-K supply list

  • Backpack with child’s name clearly marked on the outside

(Please note that the backpack must fit a standard 9 X 12 folder.) 

  • 2 sets of extra clothes (2 pants, 2shirts, 4 pair of underwear, and 4 pair of socks)

One set is for the classroom; the second set is for the disaster preparedness box.

  • 12 snapshots of your child and 1 family photo.
  • 1 Case of Water Bottles
  • Trifold Sleep Mat, blanket, small pillow &Lovey optional. Must fit into the designated cubby area
  • McCurdy Schools of Northern NM PreK will provide all other supplies for the 2024- 2025 School year

Often parents and/or grandparents will inquire as to additional items needed for our program

The following is a list of items that can be donated and will be used and very much appreciated

Thank You!

Crayons         Glue sticks          Play dough       Plastic spoons and forks

Paper plates & Bowls            Hand Sanitizer refills           Clorox wipes

Lysol disinfecting spray          Paper towels             Reams of Xerox paper

Items for the treasure box